Spg Rules in Hindi

New Delhi: The GSP wrote a letter to the Punjab Police DGP on January 3. It indicates that the prime minister could be threatened by Pakistan-backed terrorist and Khalistani organizations. It also mentions the names of these Khalistani organizations. The GSP also warns the Punjab Police DGP that where Prime Minister Modi`s rally is scheduled to take place in Ferozepur, it is only 14-15km from Pakistan and drones have been used by Pakistani terrorist organisations in the recent past to smuggle weapons and drugs. In 2021, there were 59 drone-related activities. That is, there was the possibility of a drone attack. According to article 10, paragraph C, of the Law, no member of the SPS has the right to publish or publish a book if he works within the framework of the SPS or in compulsory matters. 7. Section 14 provides that the Director shall be appointed in accordance with law. All security agencies, including central government ministries, Union Territories, state governments, foreign embassies, and the military, are required to follow the instructions of the SPS Director or his member. They must obey the SPS in accordance with the law and act according to its instructions. This law does not allow them to refuse, their responsibility will also be to follow the instructions of the SPS in accordance with the law. Last year, there were two bomb explosions in Ferozepur, so the SPG had asked the Punjab Police DGP to make all arrangements in advance, and also feared that a similar incident in Ferozepur would occur during this visit.

It is surprising that the Gandhi family, who lost two members of their family in such incidents, are now completely silent. So far, neither Sonia Gandhi has commented nor Rahul Gandhi has criticized the incident. Indeed, Rahul Gandhi addressed the issue of national security on the India-China border in a tweet and asked the prime minister if he could say anything about it. It is also a coincidence that the GSP Act, according to which measures can be taken against the Punjab police, is in a way the creation of Punjab. In fact, after Operation Blue Star, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her bodyguards on October 31, 1984, and after this incident, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi founded the GSP in 1985 and then introduced the SPG Act in 1988. This law stipulated that the country`s prime minister, family members and the president would be protected by the SPS. When the LTTE assassinated Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, amendments were made to this law and it was decided that the responsibility for protecting former prime ministers and their families would also rest with the GSP for 10 years.