Sample Performance Review for Legal Assistant

When you sometimes work in a role as demanding as ours, time does not allow you to evaluate your performance. I was told, “This is how we do it with the rest of the staff, so you have to do it this way with your paralegals.” The protocol was simply to schedule the meeting, meet with the paralegal and review the performance evaluation forms with him, the first time they saw and heard what their lawyers had to say. It`s easy to believe that we can reduce our assessment to a 20-minute catch because we think it`s not that important or because we see firsthand how busy our managers are. Even if you don`t have a formal performance review in your organization, this article 4 will give you some very valuable information and insights that you shouldn`t miss. Semester exams are often considered “nice to have” or completely unimportant, so they are postponed or completely forgotten. If you feel like the organization isn`t meeting your expectations, really think about what you want and what is missing. You may have no purpose; They want more responsibility; You want more control over your work. Either way, it needs to be addressed and considered during your performance evaluation. There are other factors you should consider when considering your goals.

Make sure you stand up for yourself, it`s all too easy as a member of the support team to feel like you don`t deserve any useful review, promotion, or raise. However, without you, older team members would not be able to maintain their activity level. If you`ve received good emails or feedback from colleagues or clients, be sure to bring evidence to your semester review. Assistants need to be as proactive in their evaluations as they are in their workday, and only then do they get the performance reviews they deserve. I wish each of you the happiest of new years – a new year that brings all your dreams to life. I am very grateful to our readers and look forward to sharing even more valuable information for your career as a paralegal in 2022. If you`re in a similar situation before your semester exam, dusting off your goals and spending time looking at what you`ve accomplished over the past six months, you might be surprised at how much you`ve done. These questions can and should be raised during your biannual review. Get feedback throughout the year and use it to justify a reasonable evaluation, which is especially important if you`re not just working with your supervisor (if you`re a team assistant, for example). Prepare yourself with all the documentation you need. These are questions you want to ask yourself, whether or not your employer has a formal review process or a self-assessment form. AND if you have a formal process once you`ve answered these questions honestly, these are great talking points to bring to the meeting with your supervisor.

This is probably the case with assistants, but I think it is a problem for our profession because it can be used quickly. We all have to do things outside of our job description, but when reviewing your document, ask your manager to be as detailed as possible. Once you both know what is expected, you can add a little flexibility to the position. It would have been better to ask paralegals a few detailed self-thought-out questions such as: Some employers even have self-assessments as part of their year-end review process. If so, this is the perfect opportunity to take your journal out of bragging and share it in the self-assessment form. Gather feedback when working on projects. Ask for recommendations and ask your environment what they think of your performance. I can`t believe that 2022 is already here and that we will end the year in a few days. I know a lot of paralegals, paralegals and other lawyers; The end of the year is a time when you reflect on yourself and maybe even evaluate yourself. If you haven`t already, take a moment and ask yourself: How was the year? Did you get a good raise and bonus? The performance appraisal process can be quite intimidating, so some advance preparation will help you get the most out of the meeting. When it comes to your review, you`ll have a very detailed overview of everything you do, which is much more useful than an old document that doesn`t reflect the current role. Give feedback and get it – especially to your supervisor! Keep in mind that your job performance depends a lot on your manager working with you.

360° feedback is an advantage. Preparing and accepting criticism with grace demonstrates the professionalism that every lawyer seeks and appreciates in a paralegal. All employees can assess their strengths and weaknesses, assess themselves and find relevant feedback on process assistant self-assessment that supervisors would like to see in the form of a self-assessment.