Sal Swimming Rules

The Suburban Aquatic League is an organization of swimming and diving clubs in Bucks County, Montgomery and Delaware, Pennsylvania. Currently, SAL consists of more than 20 teams and is organized into four geographical departments. The league consists of a season of doubles and championship matches, with doubles matches usually starting in early November and the season ending with the championship meeting in February. All participating clubs provide swimming and diving teams for boys and girls. The league is run by parent volunteers in accordance with the SAL`s constitution. The mission of the SAL program is to develop swimming and competitive diving skills; teaching sportsmanship; and provide participants with a healthy means of self-expression. Those interested in participating should contact club officials in their area (see league directory elsewhere on this site) and visit the websites of all participating clubs in their area (links to club websites can be found on the home page of this site). NPCs requesting the international classification for their mentally disabled swimmers must submit the ASD-Q questionnaire (below) in accordance with the S14 classification rules and regulations related to world para-swimming. Completed forms must be uploaded to the SDMS and all classification requests can be sent to World Para Swimming at • have national experience in swimming competitions. Athletes found during the classification CANNOT participate at all in competitions recognized by World Para Swimming. NPCs requesting a classification review for their athletes with a “Confirmed” or “Review with fixed date” classification status must complete the Medical Examination Request Form (below) and send it to IPC Swimming at least 3 months in advance with supporting medical documentation. Applications without supporting documents cannot be considered.

Both championships are only individual competitions (no team competition) The international ranking is for elite swimmers. To be ranked, ALL swimmers/divers must qualify for the division championships (but not swim in the events for which they qualified in the league championships, and there is a limit to the combined number of entries for both championships). Division swimming championships are divisional: each division holds a championship meeting. Swimmers are ranked according to their best times for a particular event. Division diving championships are usually held at a single location, with the results of each event determined by division. International classification status may be granted if the following criteria are met: “The purpose of our organization is to promote the growth, development and progress of swimming and diving; Teach sportsmanship and help teams promote aquatic interest by participating in the league in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. NPCs requesting an international classification for their swimmers with physical disabilities with a classification status of “New” or “Revised” must complete the Medical Diagnosis Form for Athletes with Physical Disabilities (below) with relevant medical documentation in English (requested for all swimmers with a physical disability, regardless of their diagnosis) at least 6 weeks prior to the start of competition in the SDMS data download. • be able to swim all four swims (at least 50 m) with the correct technique • The competition has open participation or has established qualification criteria approved by World Para Swimming (e.g. Paralympic Games, World Championships, Regional Championships) In World Para Swimming competitions, athletes with mental disabilities can only swim the Individual NID if they have the classification status of “Confirmed” or “Revised” for the Classes sports S and SB. Medical Diagnosis Form for Athletes with Physical Disabilities Medical Examination Request Form – for athletes with “C” and “R” status. Classification and Consent Form for Visually Impaired Athletes • Participate in at least one 100m S (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly) and 100m SB (breaststroke) event (swimmers with physical disabilities only) • All classifiers performing classifications are nominated by World Para Swimming.

Note: Cross-meetings and regular season meetings are sometimes “double-double” meetings, which means that boys and girls meet in the same pool and at the same time.