Military Legal Forms

*Controlled forms cannot be published on publicly accessible websites. Please contact OPR to request a copy. The person conducting the examination must enter their contact information in box 11 and authenticate the form with their signature. Box 15 must be completed by the clerk. 1. Boxes 1 and 2 shall indicate the date of initiation of the investigation and the number of the investigation. Form DD 200 is available on the Ministry of Defense documentation website or can be deployed through the chain of command. Boxes 3 to 10 are used for lost property information. 3. Box 9 shall be used to describe the loss of assets.

Most likely, you will need to attach an appropriate narrative to describe in detail the circumstances of the loss. 5. Box 11 shall identify the responsible official or the examining authority by means of the appropriate authorisation signature. 4. Box 10 shall be used for measures taken in response to the loss. Again, you`ll likely need to elaborate on the future action in a narrative attached to Form DD 200. Once completed, the form must be submitted to the relevant accounting authorities and a copy distributed to all stakeholders. INSTRUCTIONS: DETERMINATION OF FINANCIAL LIABILITY FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE (Form DD 200) The appointing and licensing authority shall, where applicable, complete boxes 13 and 14 and make additional observations on property damage. (6) Additional sheets may be required for each of these authorities to provide event reports and future recommendations. 2.

In the corresponding fields, you must indicate the date of loss, national warehouse number, description of ownership, quantity and cost. 7. The Registrar shall report the loss of assets. This report will include their findings and recommendations, the estimated financial loss and the liability for the loss. The investigator must first fill in the basic information of the survey that the form will cover. If a person is held liable for the loss, they must sign Form DD 200 with an acceptance or objection to the attached results. A DD 200 is a Department of Defense form used to investigate financial liability arising from the loss of Department of Defense property. Its main purpose is to assess the financial cost of lost, damaged or destroyed equipment or items.