Biall Legal Foundations Course 2021

This course is designed for newcomers to library science and those working in more general libraries that have legal materials. It is suitable for both librarians and library assistants. This has not always been the case. In fact, it was eight or nine years ago when my employer at the time offered me the opportunity to start the “Law for Librarians” course at the time. The course starts in mid-October 2021. Please include your BIALL membership number (or that of your property) on the booking form to guarantee your discounted rate. The Professional Development Committee organizes courses and social events for the benefit of BIALL members. The committee tries to plan events that interest as many biall members as possible and is always interested in getting suggestions for topics of interest to members. Please contact the chair of the committee if there are any topics you would like to review for future courses. Please fill out the BIALL booking form if you wish to register for the course: The course is open to BIALL members and non-members. Our two regular courses are the Legal Foundation Course and the Legal Reference Material Course. Other courses include Moys Classification, International and Foreign Law, Pepper v Hart and EU Law.

Topics covered include: the English legal system, contracts, crime, employment, economics, immigration law and more. Participants cover six core subjects before the Christmas holidays, and then choose the modules of their choice that they wish to take in the new year. It is necessary to take at least four optional modules to succeed, but students can take up to 11. Video lectures with slide presentations are published weekly with multiple choice questions to solidify the learning and the opportunity to discuss with other students and the instructor the virtual learning environment. The following terms and conditions apply when booking BIALL Professional Development Committee training courses and events The course provides librarians, knowledge managers and information workers with a foundation of legal concepts. This is not a course for conducting legal research, but a way to familiarize yourself with the concepts and terminology of the legal profession and give you a better understanding of the law in England and Wales and its application in various fields. The emphasis is on the law of England and Wales, but some consideration is given to decentralised nations. (BIALL offers separate courses on European Union law and on foreign and international law). We reserve the right to refuse bookings from individuals or organisations if payment for previous courses or events is late. Scholarships are available for this course.

Details on how to apply can be found in the “Other Scholarships” section of the “Scholarships” page. The only drawback that I suppose, must concern the partners of the various librarians in law of the course. I can imagine that she now looks confused as her beloved – laptop on the spot and supported in bed is carefully giving a lecture on illicit acts, finance and banking or land law. This is an online course offered in partnership with the University of Westminster. The course provides a foundation in legal concepts for librarians and information workers with at least the upcoming courses to be announced on our events page, on this page and on the Professional Development Committee page. We also use the members-only BIALL Mailtalk mailing list to inform members of upcoming courses. Our next course will be the Legal Reference Documents course in November 2022. Do you feel safe using Moys? Do you find the tables and knives confusing? Are you considering reclassifying your library, but you`re not sure what Moys can offer? This course will be a very valuable introduction to legal terminology, concepts and topics, especially new ones in the legal field. The material complemented the knowledge and skills I developed in my professional role and improved my skills and confidence. The workload was certainly manageable, and it was great to interact with other members of the profession across the country – Legal Basis Course In the unlikely event we need to cancel an event, we will provide a full refund of course fees, but we will not refund associated travel and hotel expenses. We also offer you a priority booking if the cancelled event is postponed to the future.