Bc Articling Requirements

The Law Society does not order articles. Students must obtain an article position. If you need help, contact your law school`s Career Guidance Services Office. The part-time equivalent of the article period is calculated on the basis of: Eight hours of planned work corresponds to an article day (22 working days @ 8 hours = 176 x 9 months = 1,584 hours). No credit will be granted for more than eight hours per day. Any request to amend these requirements must first be approved by the Proxy Review Committee at one of its regular monthly meetings. Currently, all student articling students are required to complete an article before being called to the B.C. Bar, which means they work under the supervision of a licensed and qualified lawyer. A recent survey found that although 97% of internship students receive a monthly salary during their internship period, there are large differences in salary levels. It depends on the company. At Alexander Holburn, we have two formal assessments during the nine-month period that students spend in the office, the first after four months, the second after seven months (when we inform students of hiring decisions). Our formal assessments ask for feedback from all lawyers the student has worked with, and our Director of Associates and Students meets with the student to discuss the results.

We also encourage our lawyers to provide feedback to students throughout the article process to ensure that it is both work and learning experience. In particular, the LSBC will take into account comments on the factors and criteria to be taken into account in determining a minimum amount of financial compensation and a maximum working time during the internship activity, measures to mitigate the negative effects resulting from the introduction of new standards and additional options to meet the experiential learning requirements of the admission procedure. The type of work students do during their articles can cover the full range of legal practice. The only requirements are set out by the Law Society in its “Articling Skills and Practice Checklist”. These requirements include practical experience in: ethics; practice management; “Legal skills”, including research, writing, writing, advocacy, negotiation, interviews and problem solving; and three areas of practice in terms of content. Since these requirements are quite general, student interns should try to learn as much as possible about a company before accepting an internship position to ensure that they get the most out of their internship experience. The CFSA confirmed that various key stakeholders, including professional regulatory bodies, professional associations, not-for-profit organizations, public interest organizations and the public, can share their expertise and perspectives. Stakeholders can contribute to effective ways to set pay standards and hours of work to ensure that employers treat student interns fairly.

At Alexander Holburn, we believe that the clerk is valuable experience. We encourage students to apply for a legal internship if they are interested. Although our students who have hired only have to work in the office for four months, we still guarantee them a job for the entire period. Once admitted to the bar, they can continue their articling in the same way as if they were still students, even if they are paid as employees in the first year. Mandatory for people registered for an article accepted from January 1, 2021. Complete Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training or equivalent training that addresses cultural awareness and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Towards the end of the article period, create a written essay that reflects the experience of the program. The final report is completed at the end of the article. It certifies compliance with the obligations arising from the internship agreement Registrants must have a full-time job in agronomy for the equivalent of their internship. A student who becomes a biological or adoptive parent during or within 12 weeks prior to the normal period is entitled to 12 weeks of parental leave or, if the student is the primary caregiver of the child, to 16 weeks of parental leave. Upon approval by the Credentials Committee, the new intern will receive a letter from the Registrar stating that once the completion documents have been uploaded to the BSE profile on the internship program page, the practicum holder must “certify” that the internship program has officially ended.

At Alexander Holburn, we have a comprehensive orientation for our summer and articling students to ensure they have a smooth transition to legal practice. Two additional letters of recommendation on the work of the registered agrology intern should be sent directly through the references to the BSE office. These letters can be submitted by your reputable supervisor, client, colleague or registered professional who is able to comment on your work experience. Many BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) offices in the northern and interior regions of British Columbia offer items. Because of the smaller size of the offices, these locations often offer students a wider range of experiences that they are unlikely to have in larger offices. The northern and downtown communities are welcoming, friendly, and have a lot to offer outside of work. Life is both affordable and enjoyable. With all that these two regions have to offer, we invite you to consider articulation and collaboration with the BCPS in the northern and inner regions of British Columbia. During the term of the article and while you are registered with PLTC, you are not allowed to accept employment from anyone other than your principal or a person to whom your articles will be posted, except with the consent of the Law Society. It is not recommended to work in your company while attending PLTC.

The mid-term report will be completed approximately halfway through the execution of the article. It describes your progress to date and includes a plan to meet obligations under the internship agreement, including the requirements of the competency checklist and practicum of the internship. The Law Society requires that each student articling student be assigned a “director,” a senior lawyer who monitors their progress during their internships. In most companies, this person will play a mentor role with the student. All RFP activities must be reported in the BCIA profile after logging in before paying the annual fee. Professional development requirements ensure that registrants acquire and maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to be up-to-date in their field of practice. For more information, see the Professional Development Guidelines. If you would like to learn more about the internship with the Ministry of the Attorney General, you can visit the Student Program with Articles page or send an email to: AGArticling@gov.bc.ca.

For more information about the ARTICLE with the BC Prosecution Service, please visit the Articles with the Prosecution Service page. At Alexander Holburn, the nature of our practice allows us to offer article students with extensive high-quality legal experience as well as contacts with specialized fields. We do not have a centralized system of work distribution; On the contrary, our students are in direct contact with our lawyers. We believe this gives our students more flexibility to search for the type of work they are interested in. Our articling students are placed in a rotation system to ensure they work with lawyers in our litigation and business law practices. However, we are aware that our students may have a particular interest in one or more areas of practice, and we do everything we can to help them gain experience in these areas.